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Sourabh Jain-
Magnum Finvest Services Author & Financial Planner

Sourabh Jain

Sourabh is an alumnus of IBS & St Xavier's College, Calcutta, is a qualified MBA & CFA, having 8 years of experience in managing Corporate Treasury of Banks and Financial Institutions. After gaining rich experience in Finance & Treasury management, Sourabh opted to be a Financial Advisor. Sourabh is now a Volatility Coach, Rebalancing Volatility Certified Coach (RVCC) Trainer, and is the co-creator of Debt Volatility Game. He strongly believes that investor education is a continuous process and endeavors to create a Movement for benefit of the people - Financial Freedom for all. Conduct training programs for Asset Management Companies, Institutes, and Corporate employees across India.

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What our clients say about us

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Very professional...

The best financial advisors I have come across. Very neutral, has the patience to hear his clients and genuinely suggests rather than selling or pushing clients. Has good knowledge in his field and explains with data.

star star star star star

Mohammed Faizal

Reliable Support...

Sourabh ji has helped me to manage my investments in an efficient manner. I would like to recommend them for anyone who is seeking advice and continuous reliable support in managing investments.

star star star star star

Ashwin singh Chadha

Continuous Support...

I had a chance to meet Sourabh virtually and it was great pleasure. Sourabh was cool and making sure that he understands your portfolio and give the best in class advice. He had a full knowledge and great experience. Thanks Sourabh.

star star star star star

Rohit Gupta

Very professional...

They really help you understand your needs. The importance of creating a diversified portfolio and means to do so. Really satisfied with the discussion and service.

star star star star star

Neha goel

Reliable Support...

Thanks Sourabh ji for in depth review. Most of my queries were addressed. I will recommend Sourabh ji to all as he is subject matter expert and has in-depth knowledge of all financial services !!!.

star star star star star

Anaya Salvi

Continuous Support...

Sourabh's financial knowledge is amazing. He gave a session in my organization, learned couple of points which are very useful in my financial planning. I encourage his services for any one looking for financial planning..

star star star star star

By Vidushi Rastogi

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